Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions I am regularly asked about my maths tuition, particularly my online tuition.

Hopefully you will find this useful and it will perhaps answer any queries you have without you having to get in touch first. 

If you do still have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me.

General Maths Tuition FAQs

What makes your tuition different?

I believe my way of tutoring maths is quite different to what a lot of other tutors do and is completely different to how maths is traditionally taught in the classroom. 

I have incorporated executive functioning skills, interleaving and spaced repetition into my teaching and I feel it has really helped my students make significant progress.

How qualified are you to teach maths?

I am a fully qualified maths teacher with QTS status. 

I taught in schools before becoming a full time maths tutor, which I have been doing now for over 15 years. 

Many maths tutors are class teachers who tutor for a few hours after school, I tutor maths as my full time job. 

I have a huge amount of experience of tutoring a wide range of abilities and personalities of students.

Do you have a current CRB/DBS check?

Yes I am a member of the DBS update service

I can show you my certificate on request.

Do you tutor during the school holidays?

Yes, I tutor during the school holidays. 

I am also happy for tuition to take a break during school holidays. 

Do you set homework?

Yes I am happy to set homework if that is something you would like.

I don't set homework as standard as many of my students receive a lot of homework from school.

Can you travel to my home?

I can if you live within my tuition catchment area

Just contact me and we can discuss whether it is possible.

My phone number is 07763 838690.

Do you tutor home educated students?

Yes. I tutor many students who are home educated. 

I have a lot of experience of tutoring students once a week and providing the same level of education they would receive during a week of lessons in school.

How do I pay for sessions?

Payment is made by bank transfer.

How much do you charge?

This varies based on length of lesson and whether it is in person or online. 

Please check my pricing page.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notice for cancellations otherwise I reserve the right to still charge for the lesson.

Can I book fortnightly lessons?

This is possible with online lessons but not for in person lessons.

Online Maths Tuition FAQs

How do you teach mathematics online?

I work on the screen using an online whiteboard to draw and explain. 

The lessons are live, so I write on the screen as I teach. 

The students can also write on the screen if they want to. 

Some students work on paper and then tell me the steps they have taken. 

I have found that students verbalising their working out works really well. 

Are cameras and microphones on during the lesson?

During the lessons both my microphone and the student’s microphone are on. 

Some students don’t wish to be seen so they don’t switch the camera on (I am fine with this). 

Occasionally students like to say hello or goodbye on camera at the beginning and the end of the lessons. 

This is optional and depends on what the student prefers.

Are the lessons interactive?

The lessons are fully interactive. 

I encourage participation from the students, so as I teach I ask questions and for input.  

I encourage the students to think through the problems and assist. 

It is not a lecture so participation from the student is very important.

Are the lessons recorded?

No, not as standard, but this is possible if the student requests it. 

The online whiteboard can be saved by the student and the student can look at the whiteboard and the work we have done together outside of lessons.

Do you offer group tuition?

Yes I do offer group tuition. 

At the moment I am offering group tuition to students who have a group they want to work with (friends or classmates). 

So the student needs to create the group and then we can organise the tuition. 

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Yes. I offer a free trial for online tuition as a chance for students to try out the software and see if it might work for them. 

What hardware will the student need?

Students need a laptop or tablet and a good Internet connection. 

Ideally they will also have headphones and a stylus to draw on the screen but this isn’t an issue if they don’t have these things.